Welcome to Workingmaking Out - a new series of interactive experiments and truth procedures to practice anywhere.  Practicing Workingmaking Out will enable you to reflect on your behaviour and desires, allowing you to transform these according to your own needs.  Improve your physical and mental well being - independently from the notion of love! The interactive interface of this online platform supports an organically growing archive of authentic sexual experiences.Work with us!
Fears about Sexuality… We all know them. So let’s work with them!
Playfulness and creativity - we use them a lot when we are young.  Re-activate those resources for increased pleasure!
We all have sexual memories linked to specific music. Watch other practitioner’s stories, songs, desires and imaginations  and share your own…. Click ‘SEE’ to watch the other practitioner’s submissions. Click ‘ADD’ to submit your own song and story
Ready to help us expand our library of stories? Great! Upload your video to Youtube and write the link here: Or send your video and the link of your song to: info@workingmakingout.com
Jane Fonda’s workout system enabled a whole generation  of women to tranform themselves through physical exercise. Workingmaking Out offers similar exercises to transform something that goes beyond our bodies:  Will you dare to work out your relation with sexuality, honesty and power? Fonda played with sexual conotations to reach out to the spectator. Was this done in a conscious way? Did people notice it back then? For starters, let’s play ‘Find Fonda’ and train your ability to detect subliminal erotic messages! 
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Fear that this guy will not respect my vulnerability.
Fear of looking ugly when trying to put a sexy face
Fear that when it comes to sexuality, we are all lost cases.
Fear that my dick is not big enough.
Fear that this girl gets scared of me, because I am so easy with having sex while having my period.
The fear of the fear that is stuck deep in the bones. The one that you never get rid of. That subconsciously rules your life
Fear of liking penises again
Fear of looking ugly when trying to put a sexy face
It’s terrifying to think on loosing your sexual connection with your partner.
Fear of passing sickness, fear of mixing fluids.
Let’s take of the edge by acknowledging and sharing our fears and have fun with them. Sit together with a group of friends and take 15 minutes in silence to write down your list of fears related to sexuality that come to your mind. Then one-by-one read your list out loud. Choose the coolest fear(s) on your list and share them with us. Or click ‘READ’ and have a look in the archive of fears.
Play witness for your own emotions and thoughts. Observe them. Embrace them. And share them.
Let’s talk about sex down to the core. Learn to use the element of surprise and make friends with guilt and shame. 
This exercise is fun, and it we can easily get carried away with an interesting story. Cutting a story before it is finished will always remind the listener to stay present in the exercise. Sometimes associations don’t seem to come. No worries - you can always directly send the word back to your partner with a cut. If you are stuck in the same rhythm - challenge your partner to change the rhythm. Be quick. Don’t think too much, just follow your associations. Tell without thinking or judging.
 Here are some assignements for the laboratory. You can of course also come up with your own. Choose an assigment to practice yourself, or even better: let a partner choose for you 1) Think about fears related to sexuality 2) Think about honesty and sexuality 3) Think about good sex 4) Think not about sex 5) Think about what you like in a body 6) Think about concentration and sex 7) Make up your own assignment  
Kid's Obsessions Examples
Guilt is a feeling that limits us all.  To expand our comfort zone, let’s start blaming each other.
Guilt is a feeling that limits us all.  Let's expand our comfort zone and blame each other.
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